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Reconfigure Cloud foundations to optimize operations

A Quebec company specializing in taking orders and delivering home meals generates a large amount of data daily, mainly due to order details, menus, and delivery addresses. Our client invested in their business intelligence a few years ago, recognizing the enormous value of data in the highly competitive Food Tech market. Still, a misconfigured Cloud analytics infrastructure confronts them with high costs and data extraction challenges.

Our challenge: deliver a valuable solution with limited resources

Taking into account our client's limited resources in terms of team and budget, we guided them in their analytics strategy by accompanying them in the:

  • Optimization of data extraction and classification processes,
  • Review of the Cloud data warehouse configuration In Snowflake.

The key to success: agility and knowledge sharing

We relied on two pillars: agile methodology, which allowed us to propose proofs of concept and deliver value quickly, and knowledge sharing through workshops that allowed our client to take full ownership of their business intelligence system.

It was important to develop proofs of concept to show the viability of our solutions and to support the client in taking control of their business intelligence. Our goal was to give the customer all the tools and knowledge to manage their Cloud infrastructure in-house".

Sylvain Bélisle – Data architect

The benefits of this new configuration

Reconfiguring their tools will enable our client to:

  • Internalize, automate, and extract data with fewer costs,
  • Simplify data integration and consumption,
  • Access consumable data in near real-time, depending on their needs,
  • Benefit from a scalable system that can later integrate tools for data visualization and, ultimately, advanced analytics (data science).

Technological environment

  • AWS
  • Snowflake

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