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Data lake

Our client, a Canadian leader in the food distribution industry, asked us to create a solution using Big Data that would eliminate the need to outsource their data management.

Our mission : offer more flexibility to the client

A number of advantages motivated our client to take on a project of this stature: having completely unrestricted access to their data, increasing their business intelligence based on the data and improving coordination between the marketing and sales departments.
We delivered a sustainable system to our client by adapting the solution developed by their supplier, then migrating it to a more up-to-date storage environment. Over a period of about a year and a half, our team was able to:

  • Develop a comprehensive platform, implement a data lake, and deploy the Cloud environment,
  • Manage the migration process,
  • Train the client’s team so they can operate and develop the platform in the future,
  • Support the client throughout the recruiting process to help them build a strong team.

The key to success: agile co-development

To facilitate a smooth transition from the design phase to implementing our solution, we developed a particularly dynamic relationship with the client’s team: our development, projects, sales, and partnerships teams all pitched in to help the client achieve their goals. Taking on a Big Data project is a huge technical challenge. But the biggest challenge of all is to change an organization’s digital literacy.

It was like swapping the client’s car for an airplane. We needed to teach them how to pilot the plane until they were completely independent, or else they might get nervous and begin to nosedive. It’s normal to experience a little turbulence – but with a little perseverance, we can fly higher than ever.

Matieu Bachant-Lagacé, Big Data Expert

Benefits of this technological shift

This technological shift had repercussions throughout the company but the most valuable impacts for our client are:

  • Deeper understanding of consumer behaviour,
  • Ability to produce ad-hoc reports,
  • Reduced data management costs,
  • Improved coordination between sales and marketing,
  • Increased flexibility, control, and understanding of data.

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Technological environment

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