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Gaining a competitive edge with strategic consulting

Our client, a world leader in the transportation and logistics industry, needed to reduce their operating costs to become more competitive. Faced with this crucial issue, the company’s management team needed to identify the best strategies to reach their goal.

Our challenge: set a new course for leaders

Our client called upon our services to help them identify priority projects to invest in and align senior management’s vision. Our team of strategic consultants chose to use a combination of the OVAR and Balanced Scorecard methodologies to address the project. In order to do so, we worked in several stages:

  • Conduct strategic alignment workshops with each member of senior management,
  • Consolidate the results of these workshops to develop a consensus on the objectives to be achieved, the strategies to be followed, the performance indicators for each of the objectives, and finally, which projects to prioritize,
  • Provide documentation of concrete deliverables: strategic grids for each member of the management committee as well as a strategic dashboard for senior management.

The key to success: A client committed to his analytics transformation

The success of this project lies above all in the close collaboration and commitment of our client in the project:

  • Senior management’s willingness to commit to a stronger culture of quantitative performance measurement and expecting that the entire company took part in the shift,
  • Investment in a program to enhance data quality, without which decisions and the reputation of decision-making systems would have been discredited,
  • Collaboration with various experts involved in the process to combine the theoretical know-how of performance measurement with managers’ experience and background.

The management’s enthusiasm to shift to indicator-based management and to share their know-how with us is essential in this type of project. But beyond that, a profound change in the culture of the organization that had the courage to take a real look at the intrinsic value of their data must be highlighted

Charles-Étienne Lavoie, Strategic Consultant

The benefits of this strategic journey

These achievements have had major impacts on our client’s business:

  • Decision to invest in projects identified as priorities,
  • Consensus and a common vision of the entire management team,
  • Strong foundations for all subsequent projects, such as business intelligence and analytics initiatives.

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