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Focus on data-driven business intelligence

A few years ago, one of the largest players in the maritime transport industry came to us with a golden opportunity: they needed us to transform their data management process from top to bottom. This company operates on every continent, has been navigating the seas for over 175 years, and is backed by a very impressive fleet. Having gone through multiple technological revolutions in the past, they understood the potential value behind their data, and called on us to help them reap the benefits.

Our mission : Using analytics to optimize strategic decision-making

In the context of this large-scale modernization project, the agileDSS team had to overcome two main challenges: provide the client with easy-to-use dashboards, and build a self-service data management platform. To get there, our team did the following:

  • Conducted a strategic alignment exercise to identify company data needs,
  • Created a data warehouse accessible to all company divisions,
  • Guided the client’s team through their technological transformation and adoption,
  • Developed custom dashboards for finance, human resources, and ship operations.

The key to success: agile co-development

Long-term collaboration with our client’s teams has made it possible to develop a close relationship and a common language facilitating the progress of the project and delivering valuable assets at each stage.

The beauty of this partnership is that we were able to see how the client’s employees evolved with each passing month. We guided them as they shifted approaches, while managing multiple projects simultaneously, so they could get the most out of their data as quickly as possible.

Marc-Denis Léger, Project Manager

Benefits of this technological shift

Our client chose to capitalize on data-driven business intelligence to get ahead of the competition. Their dashboards now allow them to:

  • Keep tabs on financial performance indicators in real time,
  • Maintain a precise understanding of their team’s composition and needs,
  • Facilitate better communication between regional divisions,
  • Keep a log of repairs and maintenance for each system,
  • Facilitate preventive maintenance for the entire fleet.

Technological environment

  • Microsoft SSIS
  • Tableau

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