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Developing “Geo-analytical” tools to support event planification



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Our client, a world leader in the entertainment industry, lacked visibility regarding the performance of their various shows around the world. With a minimal business intelligence structure, the Quebec based company had very little data for strategic marketing decision-making.

Our mission: developing a global planning tool

By collaborating with our team our client was looking for more qualitative data in order to better understand the context around their performance, as well as tools to support decisions in planning their future tours in a data-driven approach.
In order to meet the client’s needs, we:

  • Implemented a flexible and scalable integration architecture to give them the ability to integrate not only the disparate data of various ticket suppliers but also demographic, survey and competition data,
  • Carried out predictive and prescriptive analysis on this data to deliver geolocalized dashboards for operations and marketing,
  • Participated in a major change management work, training end users on the tool and promoting the new solution internationally for better adoption.

The key to success : a solution built for the future

Thanks to the close collaboration between all business lines (marketing and operations) we were able to deliver a project addressing current and future needs. With the scalability of the architecture that we put in place, the integration of new data providers will be greatly simplified in the future and all subsequent analytical projects will be based on the BI foundations of this major project.

The biggest success of this project was the communication flow between all team members. We were in a war room, discussing and answering questions every step of the way and it really helped creating a strong team spirit. Working with the agile methodology and with a transparent project management framework, we were able to adjust the scope of the project according to the evolving needs of the company and therefore always deliver the most value for our client.

Marc-Denis Léger, Analyst

Benefits of this geo-analytical tool

Through the implementation of dashboards and analysis that we developed, the marketing and operations department are now able to make data-driven decisions regarding:

  • Tour planning and show localization,
  • Ticket pricing,
  • Supply and inventory management.

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